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❶I liked the E-portfolio because it was using technology and I would express my own thoughts any way I wanted.

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Other notable clients include Sen. Jeff Jackson and Rep. Targeted Persuasion is currently recruiting a part-time, contract campaign manager for a City of Raleigh Municipal race. The position runs May 1 through mid-October. Must live in or near Raleigh. Hours will vary from per week. The successful campaign manager should possess the following skills:. Resumes may be sent to info targetedpersuasion. March 19, — Targeted Persuasion has added fundraising consultant Brad Kennedy to its organization, giving the Raleigh PR and political communications firm the tools to be a one-stop shop for potential clients seeking to run a robust, modern public affairs campaign.

I was even able to take attest on the play about the themes and character traits of the people in the play. My reading experience has opened up my mind in many ways. It is through reading that I am able to learn to place the word appropriately in a text for it to make a perfect meaning and sense.

Reading has allowed me to learn how to best punctuate English texts to avoid grammatical errors. Reading some texts has not come easy. I may be able to read the words but at times the message is hard to get. This can be due vocabulary and complex sentence structures. This sometimes led me to seek further assistance from class mates or to use the dictionary.

A good example is a poem that we had to stuy that used ancient English. In the poem, the language did not flow and so did the ideas. The poem had very short stanzas and we were supposed to review each stanza to derive the overall message after reading the whole text. Not even the dictionary had the answer to the meaning of such words. This created a very big problem for me. In class, we were taught how to use certain techniques to derive the message.

The techniques have helped me to be more comfortable with my reading. I no longer have the fear of picking up an article and not understanding anything from it. I am now more confident and able comprehend the message by using these techniques to get the message. I am now slowly transforming to reading other articles and materials even if they are not related to my field. As mentioned earlier, my writing has basically been tied to my class work.

It thus involves writing class assignments, coursework, many essays, class notes and term papers. Outside the class writing, I take my time to write a few random essays. This has really helped me to grow in my command of the English language. The colors, background, font, etc is a great way in which I felt comfortable in my own site. After customizing came the first blog which was easy because I only had to describe what I had read and thought about the subject.

Throughout the semester I learned that writing is more than reading article after article, or stacks of papers. Writing can actually be enjoyable in this WordPress form. The actual English class was very straight forward with all the assignments, so writing the few assignments given was not as hard.

This site, My Writing Experience, contains weekly blogs that were based on reading, or class assignments.

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My Writing Experience features creative works written by Perth writer, Juanita Pirozzi. It discusses literary events, books, music, art, poetry, inspiration.

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My Writing Experience in English In the following essay, I will reflect on how my writing has improved and the affect of English on my writing. Then I will touch on how I have attempted to overcome my weaknesses with my writing and my research project.

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The importance of writing in science finally clicked around year 2 of my PhD program. This is typically the time one is expected to find funding for his/her projects, . Here’s a photo of my friend Marcie (board member of CWA) who insisted we take a photo with my book and then posted it to the conference group because she’s lovely and so cool. It was actually really cool to go to the conference and know so many of the people there and to have a lot of the board members support me and my book.

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This experience is indeed one of the most significant parts of my writing career since it taught me how to combine both formal and creative writing skills that is required for a professional writing career. My Writing Experience is a blog by freelance writer, Juanita Pirozzi. Creative and professional writing journey: inspiration, writing events, books and music.